SmartAir Patented Technology provides the best refreshing air quality and fresh environment, SmartAir Patented Technology utilizes two technological mechanisms:

SmartAir Technologies

Include sensing means for sensing air quality and generating associated output data. The sensing means include the detecting of air quality and concentration of gases in the air. Pollutants monitored by the system at real-time are Carbon Monoxide, CO2, SO2, NOx, Ground-level ozone, methane, smoke, VOCs, Alcohol, Benzene and solid particle pollutant. The sensing means include a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor, an airflow sensor, a particle pollution sensor, a sensor for the status of a duct and geographical location of pollution source.

An air quality management system;
Sensing means for sensing air quality and generating associated output data;
A control means for receiving the output data from the sensing means and for controlling devices, pollutant sources and purification means. A transmission means for transmitting data between the sensing means and the control means

Automatization Technologies

An automized spray for dispensing chemical solution. The dispensing means is a spraying means for dispensing a deodorant germicidal and viricidal solution into the air handling unit and central ductwork. The SmartAir IoT device receives a signal of the concentration, percentage of germs and pathogens in the atmosphere surrounding the premises, inflow duct, air handling unit, central ductwork and indoors.

An automized spray receives notification from sensing means to activate a dispensing means. The spray may include components selected from the group consisting of germicidal components, viricidal components, fungicidal components and aromatic components, in any combination.

An automatized UVGI sends signals to SmartAir IoT device about the status of the dispensing means and status of the UVGI means, the UV source efficiency and UV source replacement.SmartAir IoT device control UVGI remotely. Climate control receives notification from the SmartAir IoT device to automatically adjust the air condition system and associated devices to fresh air and to the user’s requirements.