SmartAir Patented technology

SmartAir Patented technology provides an air quality management system for sensing air quality and generate associated output data, automatization and data transmission of air quality. SmartAir provides an air quality management system for controlling such associated devices to assess, purify and enforce Compliance with regulators, Carbon Tax Act, OHS Act and Environmental Act.

SmartAir automatization system applicable to atmospheric, commercial, residential, aircraft,watercraft and industrial/warehouse structures; as well as vehicles such as motor vehicles and trains for source Identification, research and etc using internet of Things (IoT) methodology.

SmartAir engineered to Monitor inlets, central duct and outlets air quality at the Geographical locations of the ductwork system, geographical location of the pollution source and determining the types of contaminants.

SmartAir Patented Technology provides the best refreshing air quality and fresh environment.



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